Polyurethane Moulds & Casting


B & D Machining provide polyurethane moulds and casting as it offers better value for money when compared with rubber or plastic moulds. Polyurethane parts typically provide a substantial increase in product life over other materials, which translates to a better overall value.


Polyurethane has a high impact and abrasion resistance, so parts made from polyurethane elastomers will often outwear rubber, plastic, and metal by margins of 20 to 1. Other great features of Polyurethane include an extremely high flex life, cut resistance, load bearing capacity and outstanding resistance to weather, ozone, oxygen, and radiation. It performs well from -50°C to 90°C and has excellent resistance to oil, petrol, and most solvents.


Polyurethane moulds and casts provide an alternative option for many private, commercial and industrial jobs.

B&D Machining provides quotes on polyurethane moulds & casting.